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Vyacheslav Loskutov Lawyer
Vyacheslav Loskutov
Mr. Loskutov is member of Intersectoral Bar Association
and Moscow Chamber of Lawyers (Lawyers’ Register entry 77/11996) and author of law projects
Earlier he represented a large corporation and at that time participated in over 1 000 sessions of commercial court (Arbitrazh Court). He obtained a legal status in 2002. Since 2002 he practices law individually and is busy with law management of different projects, and acts as a client’s representative in European Court of Human Rights.
Vyacheslav Loskutov, lawyer
The Arbitrazh Court (Arbitration Court) hears economic disputes and cases related to entrepreneurial activity. Proceedings at law are based on an adversarial system that requires as a rule skills and experience. In this connection organizations and private citizens delegate their authority to qualified professionals.

Tax payment efficiency is important for both a corporation and a one-man business. This kind of work requires profound analysis and employment of state-of-the art tools. Efficient corporate tax payment policy eliminates controversion between the company and the taxing authority. In case of a tax dispute the above approach can lead to the dispute resolution.

It is also important to turn for professional help as soon as possible so as to use a broad range of opportunities at every stage of tax control and consideration of the tax audit reports: tax audit, tax audit statement, consideration of the audit materials, lodging a complaint, filing an appeal with higher tax authorities, hearing a tax dispute case, and revision of a judgment.

It is the procedure applied to the debtor and is directed at assessment of the debtor’s financial stability and fair serving the interests of the creditors when the debtor is recognized insolvent. It is not a theoretical but a practical issue of how to meet the client’s interests in a crunch. In fact efficient assistance with the procedure is possible only upon participation of high-grade professionals and a justifiable conduct strategy in proceedings.
The European Court of Human Rights is an international court of justice that extends its jurisdiction to all Council of Europe member states. It covers all issues that refer to the understanding of Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
Vyacheslav Loskutov’s office is in Central House of Actors after A.A. Yablochkina opposite Vakhtangov Theater.
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